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Wow! PB4L Olympics!!!! What a fun afternoon!
Our school was divided into 6 Countries; Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, China, Zimbabwe and USA.  Michelle gave her two gold medals for HONESTY to Kaelab and Elijah.  She also said that Australia showed great TEAMWORK and Great Britain AROHA. 

Back to Room 6: On Friday afternoon Josiah, Zach and Billy were in the Great Britain team.  In our class cushion are given out for HEART behaviour and attitude.  This week the cushions are going to people who show AROHA so....Josiah, Zach and Billy got the cushions for the whole week!!!!!
Wow things have been busy this week....Catriona and I are currently moderating all the children's writing.  What this means is... each student writes a recount and we teachers compare that writing to other children's writing across New Zealand.  This will give us information on each child's next learning steps in writing. 
We have also started writing the 'Progress Reports' for children Room 6.  The 'Progress Report' will replace the old mid-year report.  When you get your child's report there will be an interview time attached.  I look forward to meeting all Parents in Week 9 (Tuesday 12 June - Thursday 14 June).
Oh! and I have something exciting to share..... on Friday 8 June and Friday 15 June we have a Rippa Rugby expert coming in to teach our class for 45 minutes....very exciting!!! Well that's all from Whaea Catriona and Michelle (for now).

Check us out playing KO.  We have been talking about 'FAIRNESS, KINDNESS, RESPECT, SHARING and WILLINGNESS'. 
We have put these things into action when working as a team.    What a YUMMY class.
Wow!  We have had two great weeks!  Our FORCES study is going great.  Thanks to all the parents who helped with the homework, the posters look amazing.  We have learnt lots about wind as a force.  A shout out goes to Josiah for his 'KITE FLIGHT REPORT', wonderful writing.  Also a shout out to Eliah and Zach for their 'WIND DRIVEN CREATION'

Term 2 2012

Welcome to Term 2!  This term we are learning about FORCES.  This wil be exciting.  We have the Noho Marae happening at the end of Week 3 and Samoan Week 6 along with Life Education.