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Room 7's Zoo Trip Term 3

At the zoo the kiwi house was amazing.
It was silently dark.  The lights were like lazers.  Red sliced through the room catching THE KIWI!  Whaea Lynda, Nino, my partner and I were the only ones to see it.  It shuffled, rustling gently like the wind in the trees.  It whooshed quietly backwards and forwards. It’s long golden beak searched for worms.  Suddenly it vanished, ZOOM, into the bush. 
I love kiwis.

By Ruana Crawshaw                               2013

Symmetrical masks

Soni’s maths group was learning about symmetry by folding paper and cutting shapes into it; when you open the paper the patterns are symmetrical.

From this maths activity we decided to make masks during art.

Last week on Friday Rm7 made masks. The most challenging part was making a thick outline.  My mask was bright as a sun.


I liked making my mask. The best part was when I was cutting it. My mask is so fierce.


When: Saturday 29 June, 1pm

Who: Postgate School vs. Russell School

Where: Mungavin Netball Courts

Cedar: I was Centre for the whole game. It was fun and really tiring being the one who had to run up and down the court.  Postgate Jewels were difficult to play against.

Rivahlea: I was Goal Attack for the whole game. It was hard and fun at the same time and I got most of the goals in. The score was 12 all.


A storm is coming

By Reihana

A storm is coming

 Don’t run away

Remember all the times when it blew us away

Get all the food get it together 

Were ok because I hate this weather.

The storm is coming.
By Josiah
People running, trying to be as safe as possible.
The wind was 2 kilometres worse than the  Wahine disaster.
The wind smashed windows and cracked trees.
It tormented houses and it tormented me.
 Lights went out -  that’s just too bad.

Maths afternoon

On Thursday 6 June the whole of Russell School was invited to a maths afternoon. There were games and food for everyone. There were mini teachers that were teaching a few maths games.
When I tried some soup it was fantastic.  There were two kinds of soup I liked.  I like the vegetarian soup the best, but out of all the games and food I liked the healthy lunch. - Ruana

A group of  us was picked as leaders to run the maths games. Zach, Josiah, Siose and Sio were the dice leaders and me, Ruana, Aishah, and Fa'amanuia were the leaders for the cards game. -Rivahlea

During the maths I was in the cards section teaching some little kids. I was hard for them to understand the instructions. - Ian

I was  in the dice group. When I played Teve he beat me easily. I was running the game dicey cricket with Siose. - Josiah

During maths afternoon me and Ian taught his nan how to play a card game called Salute . Ian's nan
won against all of us. She got the answers faster than lightning. - Zach

Think about the Wahine disaster


By Cedar



 What I’m thinking about the Wahine disaster
by Connie
*That it would be so scary to be on that ship.
*It’s so sad that 53 people passed away.
*If I lost my family I would be so sad.
*If my dad died I would want to die.

Room 7 goals

Tena koutou,

we are going to publish our goals in this room7 blog. Everyone in room7 sets goals every year so that we can achieve them. It is useful because when we are bigger we can look back and see our old goals. Also, when we achieve our goals we know have done good work.
Roget’s  goals
Get better and read 2 levels higher so I can read more books.
I will try to write good sentences and use punctuations correctly.
 Maths and statistics goal
Understand the basic facts and number.
 Fitness goal
I want to get fit so I can become a good sport person. I will run   around the school twice a day.
Personal goal
1. appropriate leading.
2. keep remembering heart. 
Sarai goals
Fitness goal
This year I am going to run around The block 5 times a day so I can make it into cross country.  When I make it into cross country I will Have achieved my goal.
Personal goal
My personal goal is to do all My homework this year. so if I get a prize for my homework Then you know I have achieved My goal.
Reading goal
My reading goal is to read daily for 10 minutes.  I will read chapter Books.  I will know when I have achieved my goal because I am in the first reading group.
Writing goal
My goal for writing is to practise my Writing.  I will write two different types or writing tasks when I do my homework.  i will know when I have achieved my goal because I will have better writing.
Maths goal
My maths goal is to practise my division and be in the top maths group.  I will learn my division tables as homework.