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When: Saturday 29 June, 1pm

Who: Postgate School vs. Russell School

Where: Mungavin Netball Courts

Cedar: I was Centre for the whole game. It was fun and really tiring being the one who had to run up and down the court.  Postgate Jewels were difficult to play against.

Rivahlea: I was Goal Attack for the whole game. It was hard and fun at the same time and I got most of the goals in. The score was 12 all.


A storm is coming

By Reihana

A storm is coming

 Don’t run away

Remember all the times when it blew us away

Get all the food get it together 

Were ok because I hate this weather.

The storm is coming.
By Josiah
People running, trying to be as safe as possible.
The wind was 2 kilometres worse than the  Wahine disaster.
The wind smashed windows and cracked trees.
It tormented houses and it tormented me.
 Lights went out -  that’s just too bad.

Maths afternoon

On Thursday 6 June the whole of Russell School was invited to a maths afternoon. There were games and food for everyone. There were mini teachers that were teaching a few maths games.
When I tried some soup it was fantastic.  There were two kinds of soup I liked.  I like the vegetarian soup the best, but out of all the games and food I liked the healthy lunch. - Ruana

A group of  us was picked as leaders to run the maths games. Zach, Josiah, Siose and Sio were the dice leaders and me, Ruana, Aishah, and Fa'amanuia were the leaders for the cards game. -Rivahlea

During the maths I was in the cards section teaching some little kids. I was hard for them to understand the instructions. - Ian

I was  in the dice group. When I played Teve he beat me easily. I was running the game dicey cricket with Siose. - Josiah

During maths afternoon me and Ian taught his nan how to play a card game called Salute . Ian's nan
won against all of us. She got the answers faster than lightning. - Zach