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Tri nations language week

Fakalofa lahi atu, Fakatalofa atu and Ni Sa Bula.....We are on day 2 of Term 4 in Room 7 and everything is AWESOME.  We are celebrating Whaea Rachels culture of Niue as well as acknowledging our Fiji and Tuvalu cultures who have celebrated there language during the holidays.  We are calling these, "The Tri Nations Language Week".  We will be learning all about these cultures and Whaea Rachel will be taking each class for Niue language lessons throughout the week.   Friday is going to be the most exciting day as we will be having a Tri Nations Fun Day with games and food from our Pacific Nations.  Yummmmo!!!!
Niue Flag
Fiji Flag
Tuvalu Flag

We also welcome back Whaea Sose who has been away on long holiday overseas.  Woop Woop!! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaack!!!  : )  We missed you <3

Matua Rob would like to inform the world that in week 3, October 31st we will be having an UMU Fundraiser to help with the Dinosaur Trip to Te Papa.  We are looking for some AWESOME parents to help with this......PRETTY PLEEEEEEASE!!!

More details too come........please watch this space.

Tyrannosaurs Meet the family.