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Ma'a Nonu visits Russell School

Ma'a Nonu is a great Rugby player.  I am a big fan. He came to visit our school last Wednesday and it was a surprise.  I got to tackle him onto the mat.  I hit him hard. His arm was broken in a Rugby game but it is healing now.  He has played for the All Blacks, Hurricanes and Blues.  We talked to him and we did the Haka,  We played lots of games with Ma'a and cheered and made lots of noise.  Ma'a and his cousin cooked a sausage sizzle for us and gave away some signed Rugby Balls.  It was alot of fun.

By Max

Te Papa Senior Trip

On Thursday the 13th of November the senior block went to Te Papa to see the Dinosaur Exhibition.
There was a container with a strange noise in it but we didn't get to find out what was in it.So we went in side to see the dinosaurs. First we had to put dinosaur cards in there families mean while we got sheets to fill out. I learn't that a meteor hit earth and struck out the dinosaurs. We all had alot of fun and would love to go back with my family before it finishes.

By Soane


Last week our class wrote some poems about Armistice and the soldiers who fought for our country. Here are a few from the kids in our class....

As i was walking i can't hear any soldiers talking to each other, but i can hear soldiers boots as they line up and salute and i know that there is a tribute.
When i look up in the sky, i remember the soldiers that died to sacrifice as we all thinkg twice and we all start to be nice.

By Drew

Soldiers in a group shooting their guns.
Angry Soldiers fighting and yelling.
Helicopter’s are flying low.
Tanks are booming through the forest.
I can see blood  pouring off their heads.
Smoke covers my eyes.
Soldiers die to protect the people.

By Max

As i was walking i could hear the soldiers talking.
When i look at the sun it reminds me of the romantic times with the soldiers wifes.  
When i look at the soldiers it feels like they risked their lives and when i look back it feels like i will be able to survive.
When i am around the sun i will always be the one. 
In heaven you will lay and always on Armistice Day

By Telsie

I see the colourful colours in the sky like yellow and purple but yet the ground is foggy. 
I can also see big guns shooting at people.
I can even hear the guns scary, booming. 
I can hear people shouting for help and screaming in pain.
I can hear the ground rumbling from the tanks.
I feel like i cant breath or feel my heart beating.
I do not know what to do, but stand there ans watch the soldiers die.
Blood pouring from their bodies that show the colour of the poppies.
I am lost but i am not hurt.
Just broken hearted.
Lest we forget!!

By Faamalele

Russell School Heroes

In Room 7 the children have been writing about Heroes.  Matua Rob has asked the children who they think is a Hero in there eyes at Russell School.  This could be a teacher, student or a teacheraide.  This is one example.

My Russell School Heroes

Soane is my hero because he is a kind and hearty person who will quietly get his work done and shows all the HEART values.

Matua Rob is my hero because he is a good teacher and he helps people and he taught me to breath through the Alopha Program.

By Max

Tokelau Language Week

Malo ni,  On the week of the 29th October we celebrated  Tokelau language week.  I performed a Tokelau dance which is called a Fatele with the performing arts and Tokelau group.  Throughout the week we did different activities like the food tasting and a best dress fashion parade and we had a whole school shared lunch. We had Koko Rice and Panikeke and it was sweet yet delicious.  Parents from the school also gave up there time to fundraiser for our trip to Te Papa by putting down an Umu.  We sold alot of Umus and it was fantastic.  We had also had a Vaka race in the hall.  It was students verses the teachers and the winners were the students.....the race was on!!!
A big Thanks to Veronica for coming in and teaching us the Fatele and tokelau songs and for helping with the food.  Also thank you to all the other parents and helpers for all you did during this week.
And a Huge thank you to all that supported and purchased our Umu.

From Eleanor

<<Matua Rob and helper preparing the Umu.

(Below):Siose, Tau, Tony & ReAnne holding the Tokelau Flag

The kids watching the Umu.

Maryanne showing HEART !

Sarai who is in the Performing Arts Group.