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Last week our class wrote some poems about Armistice and the soldiers who fought for our country. Here are a few from the kids in our class....

As i was walking i can't hear any soldiers talking to each other, but i can hear soldiers boots as they line up and salute and i know that there is a tribute.
When i look up in the sky, i remember the soldiers that died to sacrifice as we all thinkg twice and we all start to be nice.

By Drew

Soldiers in a group shooting their guns.
Angry Soldiers fighting and yelling.
Helicopter’s are flying low.
Tanks are booming through the forest.
I can see blood  pouring off their heads.
Smoke covers my eyes.
Soldiers die to protect the people.

By Max

As i was walking i could hear the soldiers talking.
When i look at the sun it reminds me of the romantic times with the soldiers wifes.  
When i look at the soldiers it feels like they risked their lives and when i look back it feels like i will be able to survive.
When i am around the sun i will always be the one. 
In heaven you will lay and always on Armistice Day

By Telsie

I see the colourful colours in the sky like yellow and purple but yet the ground is foggy. 
I can also see big guns shooting at people.
I can even hear the guns scary, booming. 
I can hear people shouting for help and screaming in pain.
I can hear the ground rumbling from the tanks.
I feel like i cant breath or feel my heart beating.
I do not know what to do, but stand there ans watch the soldiers die.
Blood pouring from their bodies that show the colour of the poppies.
I am lost but i am not hurt.
Just broken hearted.
Lest we forget!!

By Faamalele

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